University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Honaramooz, Ali

Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Office Location: WCVM 2255
Phone: 306-966-7355
Fax: 306-966-7376

Academic Credentials

Teaching and Clinical Areas

Dr. Honaramooz's teaching responsibilities include veterinary anatomy and veterinary histology in the DVM program and reproductive physiology in the graduate student program.

Research Interests

Dr. Honaramooz's research interests are in reproductive biology and technology, with emphasis on the study and manipulation of spermatogenesis and spermatogonial stem cells. His research team has developed the technique for germ cell (spermatogonial) transplantation in farm animals, a procedure in which testis cells are harvested from a fertile donor male and microinjected into the seminiferous tubules of an infertile recipient. This system provides a unique functional assay to determine stem cell potential of a given population of donor germ cells.

Studies are underway to improve the outcome of germ cell transplantation to be used as a viable alternative approach to generate transgenic farm animals. Honaramooz and his team members have also established the technique for testis tissue xenografting, a model system that allows the progression of spermatogenesis from a variety of mammalian species in a laboratory mouse.

Using this system, it has now become feasible to produce sperm even from newborn domestic and wild animals in a host mouse. Testis tissue xenografting has opened a new avenue of research in reproductive biology, and the Honaramooz research team's current studies are aimed at introducing this technology as a novel tool for


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