University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Makadiya, Nirajkumar

Graduate Student, Molecular Virology
Veterinary Microbiology
Office Location: VIDO
Phone: 306-966-7472 or 306-966-7499


Academic Credentials

Research Interests

Adenoviruses are potential candidates for gene and antigen delivery to the human and animals. They are non-enveloped, icosahedral viruses with linear double stranded DNA of around 36 kbp. Bovine adenovirus type (BAdV)-3 is a promising viral vector due to low virulence in host, high titer production and absence of preexisting immunity in human. BAdV-3 100K gene occupies about 10% of viral genome, which is transcribed late in viral life cycle to produce non-structural protein.

An attempt will be made to search viral and cellular proteins interacting with 100K protein of BAdV-3 and their biological significance in the viral replication and host cellular response using gene deletions and mutant viruses.