University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Mayer, Monique

Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology
Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Office Location: WCVM 2576
Phone: 306-966-7088
Fax: 306-966-7174


Dr. Mayer is currently on leave until late August 2015.

Academic Credentials

After spending several years in companion animal practice, Dr. Monique Mayer completed a 14-month radiation and medical oncology internship at a private referral centre in southern California. That experience led to a two-year radiation oncology residency at Colorado State University where Mayer focused on radiation biology and participated in cutting-edge research involving radiation field hyperthermia therapy and gene therapy.

In 2004, Mayer completed her Master of Radiological Health degree at CSU and became a board-certified radiation oncologist - one of the few in North America.

Teaching and Clinical Areas

Dr. Mayer has played a lead role in developing WCVM's radiation oncology program. The program includes radiation therapy services as well as teaching for undergraduate and graduate students. It also involves collaborative research with other WCVM scientists and with human medicine researchers at the University of Saskatchewan's College of Medicine, at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre and at other oncology centres in North America.


Research Interests

Veterinary radiation oncology, medical physics, oncologic imaging


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