University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Mosier, Karen

Research Facilitator
Office Location: WCVM 4104.4
Phone: 306-966-7161
Fax: 306-966-7274



Academic Credentials

Research Interests

Ms. Mosier has a multidisciplinary background with a BA (Honours) in Psychology and a MSc in Pharmacy. Her undergraduate work involved investigating the nature of anxiety discourse. Using a special form of qualitative analysis, discourse analysis, she analyzed psychotherapy tapes for metaphors of anxiety in order to describe how patients use words as containers to express their feelings.

Her master's degree work involved pharmacokinetics. In particular, her project examined a very common drug-drug interaction that occurs in humans between clozapine and fluvoxamine and her experiment investigated if dose-staggering would significantly reduce this interaction in a dog model.

Previously, Ms. Mosier worked four years as a research co-ordinator for the University of Saskatchewan within the department of Psychiatry. This experience afforded her the opportunity to collaborate with many researchers, primarily involving mental health and mental health services research, at local, provincial and international levels.


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