University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Novakovic, Predrag

Graduate Student
Veterinary Pathology
Office Location: WCVM 1626
Phone: 306.966.7301
Fax: 306.966.7439



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Research Interests


Novakovic P, Huang Y, Lockerbie B, Shahriar F, Kelly J, Gordon J, Middleton D, Lowen M, Kidney B, Simko E: Identification of F4ac-binding proteins of porcine milk fat globule membrane. Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research.  Accepted on April 23, 2014.

Jakic-Dimic D, Novakovic P, Nesic K. 2004. "Trichotecens in cattle feeding." Proceedings of 15th International Congress of Animal Reproduction, Porto Seguro, Brazil.

Sinovec Z, Sinovec S, Jakic-Dimic D, Novakovic P. 2002. "Mycotoxicosis: occurence, diagnostic, prevention." Contemporary Agriculture. 51(3-4): 359-365.

Jeremic S, Jakic-Dimic D, Novakovic P. 2004. "Disemination of spring viremia of carp (SVC) in Serbia during 2002-2004 period." Acta Veterinaria. 54(4): 289-299.

Novakovic P, Vlada R. 2004. "Positive effects of probiotics in fish diet." Annual Symposium in Aquaculture with international participation, Tara, Serbia.