University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Singh, Jaswant

Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Office Location: WCVM 2253
Phone: 306-966-7410
Fax: 306-966-7405

Academic Credentials

Teaching and Clinical Areas

Dr. Singh's teaching expertise is in the area of microscopic anatomy and reproductive science with special interest in ovarian follicle and oocyte development, and early embryonic development. He has taught microscopic anatomy to first year veterinary students at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine since 1999 and ultrastructural cytology to graduate students since 2001. In the past, he has taught applied anatomy and embryology to veterinary and graduate students at Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana, India (1986-92; 1997-99). He has supervised and co-supervised six MSc students and seven undergraduate students. Currently, two students are pursuing Ph.D. programs under his supervision and one postdoctoral fellow is managing his oocyte competence laboratory.

Research Interests

Dr. Singh's research interests are centered on the use and further development of the bovine model for the study of ovarian function in humans. His current and past research has been directed towards studying the ultrasonographic, morphologic and biochemical kinetics of ovarian follicles to refine the bovine model. He looks forward to extending his studies to investigate the developmental competence of oocytes contained in these follicles and direct in vivo visualization of cumulus oocyte complexes using an ultrasound biomicroscope. After joining the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in August 2000, he obtained grants from NSERC, HSURC Saskatchewan, and from Agriculture Development Fund, Saskatchewan to study the in vivo markers of oocyte competence and effect of maternal ageing on the oocyte quality.