University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Sisodia, Chaturbhug

Professor Emeritus
Veterinary Biomedical Sciences

Academic Credentials

Teaching and Clinical Areas

Dr. Sisodia assumed a leading role in the department for both undergraduates and graduates while teaching in toxicology and pharmacology. In consultation with Dr. R.H. Dunlop, he developed the first toxicology course for the veterinary curriculum. Dr. Sisodia also developed one of the first graduate courses in toxicology. These initiatives ultimately contributed to the establishment of the Toxicology Group in 1978 and the interdisciplinary Toxicology Graduate Program in 1980. The graduate program has expanded to become well recognized nationally and internationally.

Dr. Sisodia also laid the foundation for a new undergraduate toxicology program. This interdisciplinary program, which is housed in the College of Arts and Science, has expanded considerably since its first years of operation.

Research Interests

Dr. Sisodia's research interests were associated with pharmacodynamics and residues of antibiotics. In recent years, his research expanded to include mycotoxins. Ochratoxin A and its immunotoxicological, embryological, and related toxic effects were a major focus of this research.

Dr. Sisodia retired from the department in 2001 and was appointed as Professor Emeritus in July 2001.