University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Tikoo, Suresh

Associate Member
Veterinary Microbiology
Office Location: Room 127, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO)
Phone: 306-966-7482, 306-966-7494, 306-966-7496 or 306-966-7499


Academic Credentials

Teaching and Clinical Areas

VAC 801.1 - A Multi-disciplinary Introduction to Vaccinology and Immunotherapeutics
MCIM 417\817 - Molecular Virology
PUB 806 - Public Health Pathobiology

Research Interests


Käser T, Cnudde T, Hamonic G, Rieder M, Pasternak A. Lai M., Tikoo S. K., Wilson H., Meurens M. (2014). Porcine retinal cell line VIDO R1 and Chlamydia su 1 is to modelize ocular chlamydiosis. Veterinary Immunol Immunopath (Accepted)

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Vikas Kulshreshtha , Azharul Islam, Lisanework E Ayalew, and Suresh K. Tikoo* (2015). Leucines residues in conserved region of 33k protein of bovine adenovirus - 3 are important for binding to major late promoter and activation of late gene expression. Virology 483: 174-184

Brownlie R, P. Kumar, L. A. Babiuk and Suresh K Tikoo*. (2015). Recombinant Bovine Adenovirus -3 Co-Expressing Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus Glycoprotein G and Truncated Glycoprotein gD of Bovine Herpesvirus-1 Induce Immune Responses in Cotton Rats. Molecular Biotechnology 57:58-64

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Truong, T, Hani Boshra, Carissa Embury-Hyatt1, Charles Nfon, Volker Gerdts, Suresh K Tikoo, Lorne A. Babiuk, Pravesh Kara, Arshad Mather, David Wallace, Shawn Babiuk (2014). Peste des petits virus tissue tropism and pathogenesis in sheep following experimental infection PLOS ONE e87145

Anand, S., Amit Gaba, Jaswant Singh and Suresh K Tikoo* (2014) Bovine adenovirus-3 pVII localizes to mitochondria and modulate ATP synthesis, mitochondrial CA2+ and mitochondrial membrane potential. J Gen Virology 95:442-452.