University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Weber, Lynn

Associate Professor
Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Office Location: WCVM 1319
Phone: 306-966-8734
Fax: 306-966-7376

Academic Credentials


Teaching and Clinical Areas

Dr. Weber's main teaching responsibility is VBMS 224 (Veterinary Physiology) which is the core physiology course for veterinary students. The course includes sections of cell biology, muscle and cardiovascular physiology. She also teaches in VBMS 333 (General Pharmacology), covering sections on autonomic, cardiac and diuretic pharmacology. She teaches a graduate course VBMS 855 (Integrative Cardiovascular Physiology & Toxicology) and contributes sections to several other graduate courses in cardiovascular physiology and environmental toxicology.


Research Interests

Dr. Weber's main research focus is on the effect of environmental influences, primarily toxicants and nutritional factors, on the cardiovascular system. In particular, she is interested in the interaction of toxicants with genes via nuclear receptors to produce alterations in development and function of the cardiovascular system in mammals and fish. These are her current research projects: