What We Do

We help connect creators, innovators and entrepreneurs to start and scale bold new ideas through events, workshops and mentorship.
Our mission is to grow the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The Wilson Centre provides University of Saskatchewan students with the applicable training, networks and tools they need to start a business, creates connections between Colleges and the business community, and collaborates with other organizations to leverage and promote entrepreneurship throughout the community.

At the Wilson Centre, we provide startup advice, access to industry experts, information on entrepreneurship classes, funding, business planning competitions, and other resources.


Programs & Events:

  • Ideation Workbook: Targeted towards early stage entrepreneurs, this book is filled with key questions designed to help organize and focus a business idea to create a strong foundation for your venture. 
  • Pitch Party: One of Saskatchewan’s largest and most effective networking events. Pitch Party brings together students and the business community for a night of entertainment, celebration of entrepreneurial success, great food and networking. Pitch Party VII will be held November 2014.
  • i3 Idea Challenge (i Plan, i Pitch, i Launch): Open to all undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan, the i3 Idea Challenge is an opportunity to win the cash and other resources to get your business up and running. Watch for the next i3 Idea Challenge in January 2014.
  • Startup Workshops: Learn the skills needed to start your own business. These workshops cover topics including financing, legal issues, and pitching your idea. The next workshop series will be held Spring 2014, leading up to the i3 Idea Challenge deadline.

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