What We Do

The Wilson Centre is a hub for innovation & creative thinking at the University of Saskatchewan.

Through a variety of programs, lab sessions, events & other opportunities, we provide inspiration and tools to generate and build bold new ideas. Our vision is to be a leading educator in ideation and create a culture in innovative thinkers. 

What is The Wilson Centre?

The Wilson Centre is a 4,200 square foot, interactive and lively collaboration space for creative thinkers from across different backgrounds and industries. Located in the Concourse Building at Innovation Place, we offer hands-on opportunities to start generating, building and testing new ideas through facilitated learning and work space.

Does the Wilson Centre Apply to Me?

Our Centre is open to everyone: students, alumni and members of the community. If you have curiosity, passion, a question, an idea, a will to better something - we welcome you to come and experience the workspace and community.

When Can I Come?

We are open Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm. Bring yourself, project partners or whole team.

Wilson Centre Collaborators

Our Centre has a wide-network of collaborators and partners . We would love for you to know about these available resources. Looking for an incubator? Business planning? Funding? Our Organizations and Groups page should be a helpful resource to get you started.