Find a Co-Founder

i3 Idea Challenge Team Formation Mixer

Wednesday, March 5


Where: Roy Romanow Student Chambers (Room 110, Upper Place Riel, University of Saskatchewan)

Details: We’ve received a number of requests from individuals looking to form/join a team for the i3 Idea Challenge. We want to help you get connected, so we’re holding a casual Team Formation Mixer on March 5th

Come meet and hear the ideas of those looking to participate in the i3 Idea Challenge! Whether you’re looking to join a team, find others to help with your idea, or want to add new members to diversify your team, this is your opportunity. If you think you might be interested, stop by- it’s free and you never know what it might lead to! 


In addition to the Team Formation Mixer, we encourage you to create a free profile at and start connecting with potential co-founders. Be sure to check "i3 Idea Challenge" under the list of competitions!