Past i3 Winners

Congratulations to all past winners of the i3 Idea Challenge


Most Promising Social and Environmental Startup ($5,000): Guiding Native Parents (Lisa Durocher-Bouvier)

A program offering support and parenting classes incorporating traditional values into teachings. 

Most Promising Tech Startup ($5,000): Spreza Technologies (Michael Konieczny & Heather Evans)

A cloud-based service that leverages intuitive voice commands to facilitate effective communication.

Most Promising Overall Startup ($5,000): SohTech LiPo Vault (Tedric Soh) 

A storage system for lithium polymer batteries (LiPos) (website) 

People's Choice Award ($1,000): Printology (Devin Bradburn, Erik Tetland, Jordan Dutchak & Lance Pitka)

Printology creating 3D printed patient-specific organ models that can be used as practice organs pre-surgery. 


First Place ($10,000): TrueVation Technologies, Inc. (Dr. Ryan Sander, Nick Rutherford, Dan Merino & Jeff Wandzura)

A mobile application (PatientPrep) that optimizes the doctor patient visit by gathering pertinent clinical information prior to an appointment to assist a physician with their diagnosis and treatment decisions. Website

Runner-up ($5,000): Tailor Magic (Sheila Maithel & Tony Arkles)

Technology to generate custom-fit sewing patterns of anyone, anywhere and let you order custom-fit clothes from tailors around the world. Website

Runner-up ($5,000): Aerial Twenty Two (Dean Dangas & Andrew Carson)

Aerial Imagery service provider through the use of unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Website 


First Place: SkiptheDishes (Josh Simair, Chris Simair, Paul Thomson, Max Gooding)

A rapidly growing technology company that helps restaurants offer their customers online ordering and streamlined delivery. Website

Second Place: MagnoPlug (Arash Janfada, William Topping, Mitchell Langan, Mallory McGrath)

A new type of power-connector that eliminates the difficulties and safety issues found with the traditional 3-pronged plug. Website

Third Place: THRIVE Juice Co. (Danica Slattery, Maile Crowe, Nathan Thoen, Sean Barclay)

Saskatoon's first raw & nutrient dense cold-pressed juice company. Website


First Place: Onatha Studios (Thomas Bazin, Dalton Mainil, & Tyler Spink) 

A device to be used by cystic fibrosis patients (children) in their therapy for airway clearance. This system integrates video gaming into the therapy. Website

Second Place: Farm at Hand (Kim Keller & Himanshu Singh)

A farm management app and software that allows you to manage everything from seed to sale. Website

Third Place: Frozen Gear Design Inc. (Bradley Weiers, Chris Weiers, & Lindsay Sweet)

A technology company that develops and licenses software to be used in the agriculture industry. FGD has developed the mobile app, CropScouter, to be used by agriculture professionals to identify weeds at the seedling stage.


First Place: Renterra (Lyndon Lisitza)

Renterra is a web based platform that makes it easier for farmland owners to connect with farmland renters. Website

Second Place: Pulse+ (Caitlyn Olauson and Erin Bershied)

Pulse+ (now known as TerraBar) is a nutritional snack bar that comes from simple ingredients produced by Canadian farmers. It is nut-free, gluten free, and contains no preservatives.

Third Place: Glovely Cleaning Solutions (Benjamin Leis)

Glovely is committed to being a supplier of high quality hand-dishwashing products and making dishwashing a more enjoyable activity. The Glovely is a unique 5-fingered cloth that is more ergonomic and more efficient than competing products.


First Place: NitroWave (Chris Ryan, Navdeep Toor, & John Code)

The NitroWave is a newly invented appliance that combines the traditional microwave technology that heats items, with new innovative technology to cool items as well. NitroWave uses controlled liquid nitrogen to safely cool items in a self-sifficient manner that requires no maintenance or refilling.

Second Place: Carley Olivia Photography (Carley Winter)

Carley Olivia Photography offers custom, professional and creative images that capture the essence of life in order to best reflect their clients or their business. By developing relationships, they work with clients to cover family portraits, wedding photos and even small business promotions. Website

Third Place: Neechie Gear (Kendal Netmaker)

Neechie Gear sells men's and ladies 100% cotton t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, lanyards, wrist bands and stickers. It is the first clothing company in Canada to create, support and develop Aboriginal youth based sports teams and have sales year-round. Website


1st Place: Envirowood (Matt Ralph, Dawn Gibbons, Carolina Martinez & Mark Lobraico)

A profitable venture that will charge to recycle scrap wood destined for the landfill and turn the scrap into profit generating products. Team members combined engineering, sciences and business to come out on top.

2nd Place: Designs by Kendra (Kendra James)

An elite equestrian apparel custom design company targeted to the influencers of women competing in the horse show industry. Horse show industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and show gears can retail up to $8,000 a piece. Website

3rd Place: Rejuvenate Health & Wellness Centre (Leah Edmonds)

Rejuvenate will provide services from a Registered Dietitian, a Chiropractor, a Registered Massage Therapist, an Acupuncturist, Yoga and Meditation Instructors and a Clinical Psychologist, under one common company and in one location. Complementary medicine is experiencing double digit growth as individuals begin to look at the mind and body connection for better health.


First Place: 3twenty Solutions (Bryan MCCrea, Evan Willoughby, Channing McCorriston, & Matt Harker)

3twenty Solutions is creatively reusing old shipping containers to provide mine site accommodations and affordable homes. Through a well-designed manufacturing process, the containers will be efficiently converted into living spaces that will be shipped to their location using existing infrastructure. Website

Second Place: Eneray Sustainable Structures (John Coode, Delaney Bonish & Andrew Chau)

Eneray Sustainable Structures is a precast infrastructure manufacturing business that uses innovative technologies focusing on short span bridges, architectural and thermally efficient commercial building wall panels, and residential energy efficient structures. Eneray is positioned for cost efficiency, operational quality, and operational life span. Website

Third Place: uProduce Music Technologies (Kurt Dahl)

Remember Choose-Your-Own Adventure books from your childhood? Well imagine that, in music form. uProduce technology will allow music fans to choose - in real time - from alternate versions of various parts of songs, pre-recorded by their favourite artists. The end result: personalized (and paid-for) music, for the Me Generation