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* Joining the WSRU
* Membership Fees
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Joining the WSRU

Membership is open to all persons, on and off campus, with an interest in research for, by, and about women.

Women faculty and other university researchers: The WSRU recognizes that not all researchers on campus are directly engaged in women-centred or feminist research. What ever your research interests, the WSRU provides a way for you to meet other women engaged in the research process.

All on-campus women: The WSRU welcomes students, support staff, sessional and term instructors into its membership.

Community-based researchers and activists: The WSRU recognizes that the University is not the only, nor necessarily the the most important site of knowledge production. Membership is open to all women in the wider community who are engaged in research or other activities in support of the advancement of women.

Men: Men who support women's research and educational aspirations are welcome as members of the WSRU.

Membership Fees

$25 yearly for tenured faculty members and other fully employed individuals. $10 yearly for unemployed or underemployed women, students, and those who wish Associate Status only. The WSRU also welcomes tax deductible donations.

For Further Information Contact:

Marie Green, Executive Director
Women's Studies Research Unit
University of Saskatchewan
Room 230 Kirk Hall
117 Science Place
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5C8

Phone: (306) 966-7524 Fax: (306) 966-2141