Audit Services

How to request an Audit

Management may contact the Chief Audit Executive to request services for an audit, special review, investigation, or advisory/consultation services. The request will be reviewed and the Chief Audit Executive will determine how to best meet the identified needs.  From the divisions perspective  consideration will be given to the following factors:  audit scope, time allotment, determination of risk, and priority.

Purpose of an Audit

The purpose of the audit is to improve operations through the discovery of efficiencies and more effective ways to perform functions.

Request for Consultation

Audit Services provides a range of consulting services that add value to operations and improves the university's control, risk management, and governance processes.

Safe Disclosure Reporting 1-844-966-3250

ConfidenceLine is a secure external service provider that is available on a 24/7 basis to discreetly report good-faith concerns about alleged professional, financial or other irregularity, wrongdoing or fraudulent activity; or non-compliance with university policies or other legislation.

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