The Office of CIO overseas the development and execution of the IT Strategic Plan, which provides a five year overview for the advancement of IT services at the university. To identify the specific priorities that will be delivered on within each fiscal year, ICT publishes a One Year Plan which tracks progress against the priorities identified within the strategic plan. 

Helping to support the delivery of the strategic priorities in the One Year Plan are several internal improvement initiatives being completed by ICT. These initiatives are being carried out under the guidance of the ICT directors to identify opportunities for more efficient internal practices which lead to the improved delivery of IT services for the university. These initiatives include: 

  • The exploration of how Cloud services can be used as an option to support academic and administration services at the university.
  • The continuation of the development of a customer service model which identifies methods to promote IT services and the deliverer of consistent, high-quality IT service to our customers.
  • Fostering a security culture at the university to help educate all members of the community of the IT Security Policies and Procedures to help reduce the risk of cybercrime.
  • Enhancing the support of Dev Ops for the development and deployment of IT services in a more efficient manner which will also improve performance monitoring.
  • Continuing to advance the project management discipline and redevelop some of its internal project portfolio and project management processes.
  • Prioritizing system support to identify technologies that are nearing or at the end their end-of-life cycle to leverage opportunities for platform consolidation and reduce or eliminate single point management of the services.