Let's Talk LMS

Learn about the Learning Management System (LMS) Renewal project. A LMS is an online service used to post learning content and conduct learning activities (like submitting and grading assignments, or posting in discussion boards) for formal courses and other learning activities.

About the Project

Why change?

Blackboard (also known as Course Tools) was USask's primary LMS for the last 10 years. As our old Blackboard contract was up for review, it was the right time for us to assess the options on the market to ensure that our students have the best possible online learning experience.

Canvas by Instructure has been selected as our next LMS to replace Blackboard. This page provides an overview of the project and a high level overview of our planned timeline. At the bottom of this page, you will also find a list of campus tools that have been integrated with Canvas. For more information about this change, please see the following:

Expected timeline

We recognize that having academic courses operate from two separate learning management systems is not an optimal, consistent student experience. For this reason, we are working with college partners to move courses to Canvas as quickly as is reasonably possible in each individual case, making the experience as consistent as possible for students taking courses across campus.

  • Canvas is already available for all instructors to learn.
  • Professional development sessions began in June 2020, and offerings are ongoing (see our Supported Learning page for more information)
  • We are currently working with colleges and schools on their respective implementation plans
  • The first courses used Canvas in August 2020, and a significant number of courses were offered in Canvas during the Fall 2020 term.
  • We expect that almost all colleges and schools will have transitioned over to Canvas by the end of Spring 2021. Blackboard will remain in place as we transition over to Canvas.


Canvas comes ready with built in features that will increase the ability to interact with students, save time, and overall enhance the teaching and learning experience.

External Integrations

There are a number of external integrations that can be used to create a seamless interaction between Canvas and vendor or custom build solutions.  Below is a list of integrations we have enabled, approved or have been requested and are under review.

Canvas Integration Status Details



Available Instructors and students have access to the WebEx conferencing suite. It may be used for a variety of virtual events from one-on-one meetings to teaching classes. As an instructor you can use it for virtual office hours. You may also encourage your students to use it to help alleviate potential difficulties with getting together to work on group projects. The CirQLive MEETS integration makes it possible to schedule class events, track event attendance and present event recordings and appointment bookings conveniently from within your course.
OneDrive Available OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage solution that is available to University of Saskatchewan students, staff, and faculty. OneDrive connects you to your files - allowing you to store, protect, share, and access files from anywhere on any device.
Panopto Available The Academic Video Service (Powered by Panopto) engages students and enhances instruction by providing access to video content throughout the teaching, learning and discovery experience. Integrated with our Learning Management System, this service provides faculty, staff and students with simple and easy-to-use tools to record, edit, manage and distribute video content. It can be used for lecture recording, creating content for inclusion in courses, student assignment submissions and much more. Recordings are viewable by eligible users on most web browsers and mobile devices.
LibGuides Available Research Guides created by the USask Library are available to embed directly into Canvas courses. These subject and topic based research guides include a range of library services and resources, from instruction on how to find sources, to how to cite all those sources, and more. Bring the library right into your class with research guide integration.
YouTube Available Search and embed publicly available videos from YouTube directly into your course material.
Portfolium - Folios Available The Portfolium Network is a space where students can showcase their achievements to potential employers and connect with other Folio users. Folios not only display tangible examples of students' work, they provide proof of competence and skill mastery. Any student with a Canvas login can create a free Folio for life—they can kick it off in high school or college and continually update it with the relevant experience they gain over the course of their careers.
WileyPLUS Integration Available Online Homework System - https://www.wileyplus.com/platforms/wileyplus/
Wiley Zybooks Available Online Homework System - https://www.zybooks.com/
Revel (Pearson) – Learning Resource Available Online Homework System - https://www.pearsonhighered.com/revel/index.html
McGraw Hill Connect and Create Available Online Homework System - https://www.mheducation.com/highered/connect
SmartWork 5 (Norton/Nelson) Available Online Homework System - https://wwnorton.com/smartwork5
WebAssign – Cengage Available Online Homework System - https://www.webassign.net/cengage
Nelson MindTap Available Online Homework System - http://www.nelson.com/site/mindtap/
Pearson’s MyLab and Mastering Limited Availability Online Homework System - https://www.pearsonmylabandmastering.com/northamerica/
Cengage Mindlinks Textbook Available Online Homework System
Explorance Instructor Tasks Available Student Evaluations (SLEQ)
Explorance Student Evaluations Available Student Evaluations (SLEQ)
CrowdMark Limited Availability Currently being used by Engineering and a few courses in Arts and Science. Assignment tool (for peer review) - https://crowdmark.com/
Engineering Online Assignments Limited Availability Custom assignment tool for certain College of Engineering courses
Riipen Available Immersing students in industry projects equips them with work-ready skills. Riipen brings industry and academia together, with real company projects that are facilitated by instructors and embedded directly into curriculum. - https://www.riipen.com/
OMR Integration Analysis required Import of paper Optical Mark Reader sheet results into LMS gradebook
TopHat Limited Availability Audience Response System, Instructors can use Top Hat to transform the mobile devices students already own into powerful tools for active learning.
U of S Bookstore Analysis required Creates a link to the Shop USASK Bookstore page that shows that student the textbooks ordered for their courses and lets them purchase the textbooks from the U of S bookstore, without needing to sign in again.
Library Resource Integration Analysis required Provides two tools. A link to material put on reserve for a given course, and a way to add links to articles or other resources in courses that go thorugh the University Library proxy server so that students don't have to type a password to access the material.
Copyright Website Analysis required Just a link to the copyright web site, put in the instructor tools area in Blackboard at the request of the copyright office
Open Learning Initiative Community Analysis required A learning object repository for open-source textbooks.
BluePulse Pilot Under review for pilot in the fall. Allows for syncronous and asyncronous feedback from students (confidential or not)
ExamSoft Limited Availability Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy and Edwards are using ExamSoft for secure exam delivery. There is a cost per-student to use this software.
Hypothes.is Not Approved Hypothes.is allows for students to annotate documents shared by the instructor or fellow students either directly on a webpage or within Canvas. Annotations can be done individually or as a group. With the LTI, the student work on these annotations can be connected to the gradebook. This application is not approved because of concerns about third party API access and lack of clarity around private/public distinction when integrated with the LMS.
Mobius Limited Availability Proposed pilot of limited release for Engineering - The college of Engineering is looking to trial Mobius this fall and to assess incoming students into the engineering program and provide “Skills top-ups” to any students that may be struggling in key areas so that we can better ensure that all incoming students are closer aligned with college skills and education pre-requisites. Submit an IT Support ticket if you have other use cases you'd like us to consider.
Perusall Available Perusall turns solitary reading assignments into engaging collective activities students don’t want to miss. Students collectively annotate each reading — asking questions, responding to each other’s questions, or sharing other perspectives or knowledge.
Carnegie Math Pathways Limited Availability Only use with select Math courses.