In developing the Productivity Toolkit, our goal is to improve the user experience by placing more efficient and well-integrated services into the hands of our faculty, staff, and students. We began by first introducing, Microsoft Office 365 for email followed by Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Office ProPlus in preparation for the launch of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft OneDrive provides up to 1TB of storage space for your files and makes it incredibly easy to access them from anywhere on any device.

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is the most productive and most secure Office experience with cloud-connected apps and services allowing your teams to work together seamlessly from anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft Teams builds on the foundation of OneDrive to make collaboration across groups of people a seamless and intuitive experience.


The introduction of OneDrive and Teams will help to:

Improve user experience

  • The latest versions of Windows, macOS, and Microsoft Office have several features that aren’t supported on earlier versions that can enhance the collaboration experience with Office 365 and other services.

Reduce complexity and confusion

  • By moving everyone to a common Windows, macOS, and Microsoft Office version we can greatly reduce support complexity and ensure we get things right. It also means that you’re able to ask your colleagues for help knowing that everyone is using a common platform.

Enhance security

  • Microsoft and Apple are moving towards more frequent updates with support for older releases being shorter than in the past. This will require more regular updates to stay up to date.
  • Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows 7 in January of 2020. Support for Office 2010 follows later that year in October. Upgrading to Windows 10 is required to ensure that your device continues to receive security updates, but it also comes with a number of features and benefits that just aren’t available in Windows 7.
  • Apple will discontinue support for macOS 10.12 “Sierra” in September of 2019, with macOS 10.13 “High Sierra” the following September in 2020. Upgrading to macOS 10.14 “Mojave” provides a number of new features in addition to it being the best-supported macOS version for Microsoft Office 365 services.

Help and Support

Training and online resources will be provided in our IT Support Knowledge Base. If for any reason you are unable to access the new services due to the age of your device or any other reasons please submit a support request online and we will assist with finding solutions.