Guidelines for presenting and participating in videoconference sessions

Require a password

  • Require a password to join the meeting.
  • Do not publicly share the password.

Participant registration

  • Require participants to sign up for larger meetings before the meeting.
  • Send the password and link to all registrants.
  • Do not publicly share the password or links.

To avoid unwelcome participants and undesirable contributions, consider the following

  • Use the Virtual Lobby, so participants cannot join until a host admits them individually. 
  • The Lobby is a virtual staging area that stops your guests from joining until you are ready. More information about the Lobby feature can be found here.
  • Avoid using a personal meeting room when creating a meeting or when you do use a personal meeting room, lock the room when all participants have entered. A personal meeting room is like your physical office – when the door is unlocked, anyone can enter and interrupt your meeting.
  • Ask guest participants in the meeting to identify themselves.

Mute participants upon entry to the meeting

  • Mute individual participants or all of them at once to block unwanted, distracting, or inappropriate noise from other participants
  • Enable 'Mute Upon Entry' to keep the clamour at bay in large meetings

Avoid unnecessary collection of personal information

  • Mute participants upon entry to the meeting.
  • Disable desktop/screen share for users.
  • Do not record meetings unless necessary.
  • Notify participants before recording.
  • Ask participants not to record.

Be secure

  • Avoid opening files that are shared with you using the chat feature. They can be used to share malware.
  • Don't click on links in chat. If the link is from a trusted source it is safe to copy the link and open in your browser.

Best Practices and Etiquette for Participants

  • Test your software in advance and close all background apps. If you have to share your screen, this will reduce the risk of sensitive information being displayed inadvertently.
  • If you wish to protect your privacy, identify yourself with your first name only or a nickname.
  • Use a headset mic to reduce background noise and to be considerate of others around you. Mute the mic when joining and listening, unmute to speak.
  • Use a virtual background to protect those around you.
  • If the meeting is being recorded (the host will advise in advance), turn off your camera if in a shared space to protect the privacy of those around you.
  • Do not disclose personal information about yourself or others during the discussion.