Our 2018-19 priorities include:

IT Security

Continuing to increase the awareness of information security while applying IT security standards that protect against cyber attacks and the potential loss of institutional, research and personal data. 

  • End-point device management 
  • Campus network segmentation 
  • Security and privacy awareness and training 
  • Secure academic and research computing 
  • Data security and management 

Customer Experience

Improving our commitment to delivering a consistent, high-level of customer service. Placing our customers first when providing both day-to-day support and strategies that enable growth and advancement within their organizations. 


  • Realigning IT Support Services to be more responsive to the needs of our clients 
  • Increasing our commitment to service excellence by putting in place a dedicated customer experience team
  • Inform university community of ICT core services through the socialization of the Service Catalogue and development of IT Knowledge Base 

Technology Alignment

Developing long-term strategies for technology renewal while continuing to provide members of the university community with solutions integrated with other university systems to improve workflows, decision-making and leadership support. 

  • HR technology renewal 
  • Continue student recruitment system implementation
  • University Relations system renewal
  • Workflow system selection and implementation
  • E-Communications and office productivity strategy 
  • UnivRS CV and compliance module implementation 
  • Desktop and printer renewal and standardized hardware procurement strategy 

ICT One Year Plan 2016-2017

The ICT one year plan identifies the activities being undertaken this year by Information and Communications Technology that directly contribute to the strategic themes and goals identified in the 2016-2022 Information Technology Strategic Plan.
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One Year Plan
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Progress Report