Sustainable Beef Systems Research Group

Professor Bill Brown

Department of Bioresource Policy, Business & Economics

College of Agriculture and Bioresources

University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, Canada S7N 5A8

phone: (306)966-4160 fax: (306)966-4151


Research Focus

Bill has done research projects in the past investigating a number of different aspected of the cattle and beef industry in Saskatchewan and Western Canada. The studies have ranged from describing how the entire industry has reorganized itself over the last quarter century to analyzing the economics of various retained ownership strategies for cow calf producers. More recent work includes supervising the completion of a number of feasibility studies and business plans related to the cattle and beef industry. These business plans are done by undergraduate and vocational agriculture students and are very specific and practical in nature. Most of these business plans are done in collaboration with individuals and/or community groups that want to investigate new business ideas related to the cattle and beef industry in their local area. The business plans range from community based and owned cow calf operations to large feedlots, sometimes in conjunction with an ethanol plant, to beef slaughter and processing plants of various sizes.

Bill and the students are always looking for new business ideas to investigate and individuals and community groups should email him.

Recent Publications

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