Sustainable Beef Systems Research Group

Dr. Terry Fonstad, P.Eng.

Department of Civil and Geological Engineering

College of Engineering

University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, Canada S7N 5A8

phone: (306)966-7860



As both a researcher and a project engineer, Dr. Fonstad has worked extensively in the area of environmental impacts of intensive livestock operations. His research on the hydraulic conductivity reduction potential of hog manure on various soils was influential in the development of the current Saskatchewan Agricultural Operations Act and Regulations. From 1997 to 2000, he was the PI on a project to document the long-term performance of earthen hog manure storage facilities. Along with collaborators, Dr. Fonstad has studied the potential long-term groundwater and runoff impacts of intensive cattle feeding operations (ICFOs), the composting of animal mortalities, and the control of odour and greenhouse gas emissions from livestock operations. His recent research focuses on assisting western Canadian regulators in dealing with mass mortality events and with the disposal and utilization of meat and bone meal. Dr. Fonstad also reviews documents for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture related to the granting of permits for ICFOs, and he develops short courses related to inorganic aqueous geochemistry for staff members in the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and in Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

Recent Publications Related to Beef Cattle

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