General information on fungi, references, and online databases
Fungal Web – comprehensive pages on fungal growth and cell biology, with links to information on other microorganisms

Fungal Genetics Stock Centre Online information on experimental strains; the Fungal Genetics News Letter; conferences

Fungi Perfecti – information about mushrooms, mycorrhizae, kits

Mycology On Line – clinically significant mycological information

MykoWeb – bibliography of fungal literature

Moulds – cultivation, experimentation, identification

Dr. Fungus – general information, including references to primary literature

EM Lab – database of environmental information, copyrighted, so please follow their guidelines for use

General information course website from Ohio State University with an illustrated glossary of terms

Home Brewing – information for brewers

Identification and information on "macrofungi"

Tom Volk's Fungi – superb site with information on many species, their interactions/impacts on human activities, and much more

Pacific Northwest Fungi – a Canadian Forest service site

Pacific Northwest Mycology Team – a U.S. Forest Service site

George Barron's Fungi – especially good for eastern North American species, background information on collecting fungi and photography.

Matchmaker – identification guide to Pacific coast mushrooms, supported by the Canadian Forestry Service, particularly useful in this web version (there is a CD available) for its detailed descriptions. Images of many species in the web version, and more on the CD.

Montana Truffles

Mushroom Place

MycoKey – online identification of macrofungi, including microscopic characteristics

Images of Fungi
Dr. Fungus Image Bank

Higher Fungi in Israel

Norwegian Fungi

Tom Volk's images