Crataegus succulenta Schrad. ex Link
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Family: Rosaceae
Genus: Crataegus
Species Synonyms: Crataegus ambrosia Sarg.
Crataegus ardula Sarg.
Crataegus bicknellii Egglest.
Crataegus celsa Sarg
Crataegus chrysocarpa var. bicknellii (Egglest.) Palmer
Crataegus columbiana var. occidentalis (Britt.) Dorn
Crataegus divida Sarg.
Crataegus ferta Sarg.
Crataegus florifera Sarg.
Crataegus florifera var. celsa (Sarg.) Kruschke
Crataegus florifera var. mortonis (Laughlin) Kruschke
Crataegus florifera var. shirleyensis (Sarg.) Kruschke
Crataegus florifera var. virilis (Sarg.) Kruschke
Crataegus gemmosa Sarg.
Crataegus incerta Sarg.
Crataegus integriloba Sarg.
Crataegus laxiflora Sarg.
Crataegus leucantha Laughlin
Crataegus macracantha Lodd.
Crataegus macracantha var. colorado (Ashe) Kruschke
Crataegus macracantha var. divida (Sarg.) Kruschke
Crataegus macracantha var. integriloba (Sarg.) Kruschke
Crataegus macracantha var. occidentalis (Britt.) Egglest
Crataegus macracantha var. pertomentosa (Ashe) Kruschke
Crataegus mortonis Laughlin
Crataegus neofluvialis Ashe
Crataegus pertomentosa Ashe
Crataegus pisifera Sarg.
Crataegus saeva Sarg.
Crataegus shirleyensis Sarg.
Crataegus silvestris Sarg.
Crataegus succulenta var. gemmosa (Sarg.) Kruschke
Crataegus succulenta var. laxiflora (Sarg.) Kruschke
Crataegus succulenta var. macracantha (Lodd.) Egglest.
Crataegus succulenta var. michiganensis (Ashe) Palmer
Crataegus succulenta var. neofluvialis (Ashe) Palmer
Crataegus succulenta var. occidentalis Britt.
Crataegus succulenta var. pertomentosa (Ashe) Palmer
Crataegus succulenta var. pisifera (Sarg.) Kruschke
Crataegus succulenta var. rutila (Sarg.) Kruschke
Crataegus sylvestris Sarg.
Crataegus venulosa Sarg.
Crataegus virilis Sarg.
Common Names: fleshy hawthorn
succulent hawthorn
Canada: southern Saskatchewan – southern Manitoba – Ontario – Quebec – New Brunswick – Nova Scotia
Saskatchewan: southern Saskatchewan; Dundurn – Indian Head
Ecoregion: Moist Mixed Grassland, Aspen Parkland
Saskatchewan: shrubby slopes, depressions, and open woods
Canada: thickets, rocky pastures, and borders of woods
Provincial Status According
to Harms (2003):
Nature Conservancy Status:
G5 S1
Saskatchewan Species at
Risk Status:
Fleshy hawthorn is endangered because of extreme rarity in Saskatchewan. Possible threats have been identified for this species.
Height: 3 – 5 m
Stems: tree or shrub; branches slender, hairless or hairy; thorns 3 – 5 cm long
Leaves: alternate, stalk 1 – 3 cm long, 3 – 6 cm long, 2 – 5 cm wide, elliptic to oval, widest below the middle, hairy when young, hairless at maturity or velvety-hairy below, margin saw-toothed but not gland-tipped, slightly lobed; stipules 6 – 9 mm long, linear, deciduous
Inflorescence: branched, flat-topped, long hairy to woolly
Flowers: hypanthium top-shaped, 3 – 4 mm long, long-hairy; sepals 5, long-tapered; petals 5, 6 – 8 mm long, nearly round, white; stamens 10, anthers yellow or pinkish; ovary inferior, carpels 3 or 4
Fruits: fleshy, several-seeded fruit with an enlarged hypanthium, usually hairy on the ends, red; seeds 2 or 3, yellowish-brown, pitted
1 Fruit purplish-black; thorns absent or less than 2 cm
C. douglasii
1 Fruit orange to red; thorns 3 cm or longer
2 Seeds smooth on inner surface; leaf margins not gland-tipped; leaves widest below the middle
C. chrysocarpa
2 Seeds pitted on inner surface; leaf margins gland-tipped; leaves widest above the middle
C. succulenta