Introduction: Plants at Risk in Saskatchewan

What are they, and why should we protect them?

Plants are an important part of our natural environment. In Saskatchewan, there are over 1,450 species of plants. About 400 of those species are at risk because of habitat loss or climate change, or because only a few plants still exist in the province. If these plants are not protected, they may disappear completely from Saskatchewan.

Help us protect plants by learning about them! Click on the button Plants at Risk in Saskatchewan above to see a complete list of plants at risk. From that list you can choose a particular plant to learn about.

You will see that each plant has a common name (for example, “sunflower”) and a scientific name (for example, “Helianthus tuberosus”). The scientific name is in Latin and is made up of two parts, one for the genus and one for the species of plant. Latin names are used so that they can be understood by people around the world.

You will also see the family that each plant belongs to, but what is most interesting is where the plant lives, in what ecoregion it is found, and why it is at risk.

Once you've read about the plant, try playing the games in the My Plant section to see what you’ve learned!