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Haida flicker

Dr. Karen Wiebe

Behavioural Ecology &
Conservation of Birds

Email: karen.wiebe@usask.ca
Phone: (306) 966-4406
FAX: (306) 966-4461

Karen Wiebe

 B.SC. (Hon), Simon Fraser (1988), Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan (1993)
 Postdoctoral: University of British Columbia & University of Turku (1993-97)

General Research Interests

I study the behaviour, reproduction and ecology of birds. Much of my work focuses on factors that determine the reproductive success of individuals such as predation risk, food supply, and habitat/ nest site selection. I am especially interested in incubation and hatching patterns, and sex roles during reproduction

My main focus is a long-term study of Northern Flickers but I have recently initiated a project on parental care using Bluebirds and Tree Swallows as models

For more details about present and past research programs and associated publications, please click on a topic below:

Hatching asynchrony and kestrels

Incubation behaviour and ecology of ptarmigan

Mating systems and sex roles in parental care

Causes and consequences of nest site selection in cavity nesting birds


Click here for a complete list of publications,

2 flickers

Lab Members and Alumni

 Haida kestrel

Other Links

 Haida flicker
  • when you're not watching birds for work, you can watch them for pleasure! Here is a site about birding in Canada.
  • I am interested in the art and language of the Lakota and Haida First Nations and am compiling an English/Lakota dictionary of biological terms. See some of my art creations, but please do not copy images on this webpage without my permission.

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