Faculty Resources

The bookstore can provide a number of services to assist faculty members to source or develop course materials for their programs and classes.
Textbook Adoptions
To assist faculty members with placing textbook adoptions, the bookstore has introduced an improved system that will allow faculty to place orders in a quicker and more accurate way. This improvement will allow the bookstore to leverage all avenues to source the materials in the best formats and price for the students.
The Impact of Early Adoptions
By placing your adoption early it allows us to:
  • Purchase more used books back from students for resale;
  • Source from a larger network of used materials from our partner institutions network across Canada and the US, and;
  • To consolidate orders from other faculty members with publishers, thereby reducing shipping costs.
Course Packages
Course Packages can include a collection of various materials, such as journal articles, excerpts from books or the professor's own work. Course packages can be submitted through the textbook adoption form and the Bookstore will work with on campus providers to for the development and distribution of the product.

Lab Manuals
For classes requiring lab manuals, faculty members can upload the files directly through the textbook adoption form. The Campus Bookstore produces the manuals and inventories the appropriate amount of printed versions for each class.
Copyright Clearance
Any materials faculty members would like included in course packages are assessed by the University of Saskatchewan Copyright Office located within the Main Bookstore. Our staff will provide clearance requirements and can process the order of printed course packages with on campus providers.
Our Commitment
It’s proven that having the required textbooks and course materials has a direct result on student success in their programs. We believe the bookstore and faculty have a shared responsibility in providing access to the materials in the most cost-efficient manner and work with the faculty to provide resources to source the best possible options for students.