Textbook Adoption Tips and Reminders

Prior to placing your order for textbook or course material adoptions, please review the following important tips so we can ensure the correct materials will be ordered in available on-time for the begging of the term. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 306-966-4477 or textbooks_bookstore@usask.ca.

Textbook and Course Materials Ordering 
Textbooks, lab manuals and other course materials are only ordered in response to the requisitions submitted by a professor. Please do not assume materials will be available if the order has not been placed. Please advise Retail Services even if no texts or manuals are required so that we can provide that information to students. The order the Bookstore places will be based on several factors, including estimated enrolment, historical enrolment, sales history and the availability of used texts. In some cases, the numbers we order will vary from the enrolment estimates.

We will no longer return a copy of the requisition to the originating department to indicate how many books have been ordered. Please check with us for this information.
If a department member feels that the quantity ordered is insufficient or excessive, we can discuss the order quantity. It is very important to check your orders to ensure correct items and quantities are ordered.
Late Orders 
Late orders remain the largest single difficulty for Retail Services. If materials are not available for the opening of classes, the impact is felt by the students. Please endeavour to submit your adoptions as early as possible. This also enables Retail Services to buy back used books from past students and to acquire used books from wholesalers - this allows students to save money by purchasing used!

Enrolment Information 

Timely information on class enrolments allows us to respond by ordering more texts or course materials if enrolment is greater than was anticipated. While we do try to monitor enrolments, it is impossible to keep up with the enrolments of all classes. We therefore ask that the departments review their enrolments and advise Retail Services of any significant changes.

Course Materials (Lab Manuals, Reading Packages)
Obtaining copyright clearance on materials (if required) can take from one day to two months or longer. The materials cannot be printed until all copyright clearance is obtained, and printing time varies according to workload. For this reason, all packages to be printed – especially those containing copyright materials – must be brought in early if they are to be on the shelves in time for classes. Materials must be brought to Copyright Clearance in the Main Bookstore to be cleared & printed, and an order must be submitted to the Main Bookstore text office. The manual will not be printed until an order is placed by Retail Services.

Cancelled Orders 
Retail Services sometimes receives cancellations from professors long after the order has been placed, and in some cases after the materials have been received. If a class is cancelled, a book is no longer needed, or if there is a change in professors for a class – please notify Retail Services as soon as possible.
Required and Recommended 
Please note the “Required and Recommended” columns on the requisition. We shall take “required’ to mean that every student in the class is expected to purchase a book, and order accordingly.
“Recommended’ books are considered valuable but not essential. These will be ordered on the basis of past sales performance along with the price and availability. If a professor wishes to place a greater or lesser emphasis on a recommended book, we would appreciate that the quantity desired be indicated.

ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
We request that professors should provide the ISBN to ensure that the correct title and edition is ordered. This is especially important if there is a custom text or a ‘package’ that has been put together for the class.