My Textbooks

To find your textbooks for the coming or current term, log in through PAWS to see your booklist. From there, you can view or print your list to buy your books in store, or you can buy your books online at When you arrive at the Bookstore to buy your books, please note that the course materials section is organized alphabetically by author - you can also organize your printed booklist alphabetically by author, which will expedite finding your books while in store. It is recommended that you buy your books early as they may not be available later in the term. As well, we want you to be successful in your studies and having your textbooks for the start of term is an excellent start. 

Textbooks Pick-Up (Ordering Online)

Textbook pick up is located in Shop usask Tech. Hours are 8am - 430pm Monday through Friday. Identification is required for pick up.

Alternatively, customers can request to pick their orders up from Shop usask Health Sciences or Shop usask AgBio. 
Please note - customers must have relevant material in their basket for this option to be available. For example, a vet textbook has to be in the basket for Shop usask AgBio to become a pick up option. 

Customers will receive an email when an order is ready for pick up (1-2 business days after order is placed).

Textbook Returns

Textbooks and course materials may be returned to the Bookstore, Health Sciences or AgBio for a refund within 14 days of purchase. Textbooks which include CDs, software or access codes as part of the package are not returnable if the internal seal is broken.

Please remember that you will require a valid Shop usask receipt to return any product.

Extended Returns Period

At the beginning of each major session, the normal return period for textbooks is extended to coincide with registration deadlines for class changes and drops.

The extended return period for Fall 2018 runs until September 21st, 2018. Any textbook purchased between August 7th, 2018 and September 7th, 2018 can be returned before that date.

No Returns Period

There is a NO RETURNS period for textbooks at the end of each major session. From late November to mid-December and from late March to the end of April, all textbook and course materials sales are final. During these periods, please be certain you have the correct book before making your purchase.

Textbook Buybacks

How do I sell my used textbooks?

Shop usask Bookstore buys back textbooks in-store on a year-round basis. Simply bring your book into the store and an associate will be able to search the title to see if we are buying the book and let you know the value of your used text. You can also check our online directory to see if your book is available for buy back. You can find the directory here.

Buyback of used textbooks is determined based on a number of factors:

  • Nationwide demand for the textbook
  • Whether the Instructor is reusing the text in the next term
  • Projected needs for the text

When is the best time to sell my books?

We have the highest volume of text buybacks before and during the beginning of each new term: September and January. During these high-volume times, Shop usask will be set up in Upper Place Riel where students can bring their books.

Open Educational Resources

How the Bookstore supports OER at the U of S

Shop usask Bookstore fully supports the adoption of Open Educational Resources at the University of Saskatchewan. The continuing development and customization of OER allows faculty to select course materials best suited for their class and learning objectives. For students, OER makes the materials needed for their success more financially accessible and available in the format that best suits their needs.

Print on Demand

Shop usask Bookstore offers a Print on Demand service for students using Open Textbooks. Printed texts are sold at $0.12 per double-sided page to cover printing costs. For more information, or to order a copy, please contact us.