Western Regional 3MT Competition Results

Three minutes. Eleven of Canada's best minds. The power of the spoken word

That was the formula for Canada's Three Minute Thesis Competition. A friendly but intense contest where 16 of Western Canada's top graduate students presented the complexities of their research in an engaging and accessible way before a live audience. 

First Place

Aprami Jaggi, University of Calgary, PhD Candidate

Specialization: Oil Geochemistry

The Ultimate Fate of Oil in the Marine Environment Following Spillage


Autumn Watkinson, University of Alberta, PhD Candidate

Specialization: Habitat Restoration

Restoration of Sagebrush Habitat for Greater Sage Grouse Recovery

People's Choice

Armita Dash, University of Victoria, PhD Candidate

Specialization: Chemistry

Concussion: Targeting the Evil Protein

Honourable Mention

Mashal Fida, University of Lethbridge, Master's Program

Specialization: Neuroscience

Sex Differences in Spatial Navigation Using a Novel Tabletop Navigation Task

Competitors, thank you for visiting the University of Saskatchewan.  Your talks were all extremely engaging and your energy was inpiring - it was a pleasure being your host!

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