5. Applications

Applications are made to the academic program under which the student proposes to study.

5.1. PGD, Master’s, & PhD Application Requirements

All prospective post graduate diploma, master’s level, and doctoral level program applicants must complete the online application. This includes joint/sandwich program students, dual degree students and non-degree students.

A non-refundable application fee (see current fee in Catalogue) must accompany each application. All students shall supply three names and their respective contact information as referees that the University will contact for confidential online letters of recommendation.

Complete and official transcripts (including, where necessary, a certified English translation) of all post-secondary study to date are required prior to registration. Official English proficiency test results are required prior to registration. All transcripts must come directly to the University of Saskatchewan from the issuing institution and be received in sealed envelopes.

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5.2. Exchange Student Application Requirements

Students from other institutions wishing to attend the University of Saskatchewan on exchange must be nominated by their home institution and supported by the recieving academic unit as part of a formal exchange agreement.   

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5.3. Special Case Student Application Requirements

Students who are seeking admission to a graduate program in an academic unit which does not have an approved graduate program at the required level, are considered special case student applicants.

In these cases, the Academic unit shall apply for the admission of a graduate thesis student on a Special Case basis. The documentation for special case admission applications must be prepared in each case by the academic unit.

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5.4. Independent Interdisciplinary Student Application Requirements

The individual interdisciplinary graduate program is administered by the CGPS through the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee. Students not restricted by traditional academic boundaries and may seek admission into individual interdisciplinary programs leading to the M.A., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees following the guidelines in section 5.4 of the P&G.

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5.5. Application Deadlines

The CGPS does not impose any deadlines on applications. Many academic units do impose internal application deadlines. Additionally, some funding competitions require program applications to be complete by certain deadlines in order to meet competition eligibility criteria.

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