16. Convocation

In order to be eligible to graduate and participate in convocation, the student must:

  1. Have met all program requirements;
  2. Have the thesis (if applicable) successfully completed and defended and necessary documentation submitted prior to the stated deadline;
  3. Be currently registered in the term in which program requirements were completed, including the defence and completion of necessary revisions to the thesis (if applicable);
  4. Ensure all outstanding fees are paid to the University.
  5. Have submitted an Application to Graduate

16.1. Application to Graduate

Students who have met all graduate program requirements must submit an Application to Graduate online through PAWS by the posted deadlines.

Thesis students are responsible for ensuring the final copies of the electronic thesis as submitted to the CGPS, members of their Advisory Committee, and the ETD site meet all regulations as posted on the CGPS website.

The academic unit must recommend the student for the award of their degree by submitting the appropriate form as per section 16.1 of the P&G.

At the time the Award of Postgraduate Diploma or Degree form is submitted, the Advisory Committee shall ensure that:

  1. All changes in the thesis or project required by the Examining Committee have been made by the student and checked by the supervisor or other person(s) designated by the Examining Committee;
  2. All copies of the thesis as submitted electronically meet the requirements in the Guide for the Preparation of a Thesis;
  3. The student's file in the academic unit and in the CGPS contains all necessary and up-to-date information regarding the student's status, program requirements, and progress in the program.
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16.2. Degrees Offered by the University of Saskatchewan

All of the graduate degrees and diplomas offered by the University of Saskatchewan shall be publically posted in the University Catalogue.

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