11. Graduate Student Involvement in Teaching

Teaching assignments that are a part of the normal requirements for a student’s degree shall be identified on the student’s program of studies.

A graduate student does not have an automatic right to involvement in any teaching or teaching related activity outside the requirements for the student's program of study. The final decision to undertake any outside teaching responsibility, over and above the normal requirements for the student's program of study, shall lie with the student. Outside teaching responsibilities include: Teaching Assistantship appointments, Graduate Teaching Fellowships, course marking, sessional teaching, non-related teaching, or any other work unrelated to the student’s research/academic program requirements.

11.1. Assignment of Teaching Duties

All assigned teaching duties are the responsibility of the academic unit Head concerned.  Graduate students shall be involved in teaching no more than a 6 credit units of coursework per academic year.

A student may be permitted to teach a course at intersession or summer school, but not both, in addition to teaching during the regular academic year.  Notwithstanding the above, it may be appropriate in certain circumstances for a senior graduate student to give a few lectures in a graduate course in his or her area of expertise.

All teaching related activities by graduate students appointed as teaching assistants shall be under the direction of a faculty member who has been assigned responsibility for the course in question.

Full-time graduate students may be appointed as sessional lecturers; however, the maximum of 12 hours/week not related to their graduate program of studies shall apply.

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11.2. Academic Appointment of Students

As students approach completion of their graduate programs of study, they may be offered an academic appointment at the University of Saskatchewan or elsewhere. While the college does not wish to infringe on anyone's right to seek employment, graduate students should be urged to fulfill all requirements for their particular degree prior to taking up an appointment. Normally, a student cannot maintain status as a graduate student and commence an academic appointment at the University of Saskatchewan.  Under unusual circumstances, exceptions may be made with the approval of the head of the academic unit in which the student is registered, the Dean of the CGPS, and the Vice-President & Provost Academic.

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