The Provost and Vice-President Academic holds the responsibility for defining and implementing academic priorities within the university, and for actively encouraging excellence in teaching, scholarship and research. Consistent with that authority, the Provost and Vice-President academic provides the leadership and oversight for establishing a system of cyclical reviews of graduate academic programs.

The Dean of the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS) is responsible for ensuring and maintaining the quality of the graduate programs and has been assigned the authority and responsibility for Graduate Program Review.

The Assistant Provost, Institutional Planning and Assessment is responsible for guiding and co-ordinating the assessment activities of the university and for providing advice and logistical support to the graduate program review process.

Information Strategy and Analytics will compile and contribute key activity indicators for the academic units responsible for the programs under review.

The deans of the colleges will work with the Dean of the CGPS in the Graduate Program Review process. The deans have a shared responsibility for graduate programs within their colleges for the development, review and revision of academic programs, the allocation of resources and in setting college priorities. The deans will provide advice and guidance for the graduate program review process and the schedule of reviews. They will also formulate the colleges' response to the review and create any action plan that may result from the review.

The units with graduate programs under review have a number of responsibilities. The units will:

  • Contribute to the completion of the self-study template
  • Identify and submit reviewer nominations to the Dean of CGPS
  • Schedule and participate fully in activities during the reviewer site visits

The Graduate Program Review Coordinator reports to the Dean of CGPS. The Coordinator:

  • Directs day-to-day management and activities in the review process
  • Is the primary contact resource for units with graduate programs under review
  • Coordinates the completion of the self-study template with data supplied by the programs, various University of Saskatchewan units and former graduate students
  • Coordinates the process of identifying and selecting the review panel, making the logistical arrangements for site visits