Faculty Ambassador Program Guidelines

The College of Graduate Studies and Research’s (CGSR) Faculty Ambassador Program is designed to enable the CGSR to more effectively promote both the research done at the UofS and the caliber of our faculty to prospective graduate students.  As part of this program, faculty who travel to conferences or institutions are provided with a tool kit and a brief orientation to assist them in promoting the University as a whole to prospective graduate students and institutional partners. There is a maximum of $500 travel award available to approved Faculty Ambassadors to off-set some of thier associated costs for the trip.

Those wishing to act as a Faculty Ambassador on behalf of the CGSR must submit a Faculty Ambassador Registration form before the trip to receive pre-approval for the travel award. If your registration is approved, you will receive email notification, along with a request to include this as part of your CONCUR authority to travel request. Included in that email will be the the appropriate CFOAPAL and maximum allowable expense, as well as the name of the fund manager that will need to be included as a secondary approver on your CONCUR request.

At the conclusion of the trip, to submit a claim for reimbursement of expenses under the terms of the Faculty Ambassador Program you must:

  1. Submit a Faculty Ambassador Trip Report, template found here. This report must include an overview of the activities undertaken on behalf of the CGSR and identification of any follow-up actions required by CGSR staff.
  2. Return your Faculty Ambassador tool kit, any leftover materials, and your list of contacts names and email addresses for follow-up by CGSR staff;
  3. Complete your expense claim on CONCUR, listing the CGSR Fund Manager as secondary Approver as instructed.

If you have questions regarding this program, or would like to become involved, please contact Megan Fillatre at megan.fillatre@usask.ca.

In addition, from time to time the CGSR will provide faculty with the opportunity to become further engaged in the graduate student recruitment process.  This could include:  a faculty ambassador accompanying CGSR staff on a recruitment trip, a faculty ambassador conducting a CGSR visit as part of his/her own trip, or visiting a nearby institution on behalf of the CGSR in addition to a faculty member’s previously arranged trip.  All costs incurred as a result of faculty travel on behalf of the CGSR will be reimbursed under a seperate arrangement.