Defence Rules

The thesis defence will be scheduled only after the academic unit has advised the CGSR that the thesis is ready for defence, and has recommended at least one (for Master's) or three (for Ph.D.) person(s) to serve as External Examiner.

It is the academic unit's responsibility to ensure the student file contains all necessary documentation, and that the academic requirements for the degree have been met.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure all requirements of the Program of Studies have been completed, registration is current, outstanding fees are paid, and University deadlines are respected in view of any particular convocation.

Note: It is the responsibility of a student who may have any disability that could interfere with his/her conduct or ability to respond to questioning at an oral defence, to reveal the problem in sufficient time prior to the defence to allow the Examining Committee and the CGSR to make arrange for any required accomodations at the oral exam. The student must inform her/his Supervisor or Graduate Chair, who in turn must inform the CGSR of any potential challenges.

For Master's Defences: +

As soon as the student's Advisory Committee determines the student's thesis is ready for defence, a memo should be sent by the Graduate Chair to the CGSR using the template available on the CGSR website.

The CGSR must be notified a minimum of three weeks prior to the desired oral defence date. Upon receipt of the aforementioned memo, a convocation check is then carried out by the CGSR to verify that all program requirements have been met, including current registration, before approval of the External Examiner is given. The CGSR will inform the academic unit when the thesis may be released to the External Examiner.

For Ph.D. Defences: +

As soon as the student's Advisory Committee determines the student's thesis is ready for defence, form GSR 300.1: Recommendation for Examination of the Ph.D. Thesis and Award of the Ph.D. Degree should be sent to the CGSR. The cv of the first choice of External Examiner and a rationale for the choice must be submitted to the CGSR.

The CGSR must be notified a minimum of four weeks prior to the desired oral defence date. The defence should be scheduled at a time when all examinees are known to be available. The academic unit should work together with the CGSR Program Advisor to determine a suitable date for the defence.

At least seven days prior to their defence, students must provide a Dissertation Summary (not bound with the thesis) to the CGSR Programs Officer.

All arrangements for the Ph.D. thesis examination (time, date, location) are made by the academic unit. The CGSR Program Advisor forwards the thesis and any necessary documentation to the External Examiner. The contribution of the CGSR to the expenses of the External Examiner is a maximum of CDN$1000.

Any special equipment requirements for the defence should be brought to the attention of the Program Advisor. An overhead projector is available at all times. A slide projector, TV/VCR or laptop and data projector must be reserved at least three days in advance.

When no other reasonable option exists, the External Examiner or a member of the Advisory Committee may attend the oral defence via video-(preferable) or tele-conference. Arrangements can be made through the Program Advisor.

Videoconference Option for Doctoral Oral Examinations: +

The College of Graduate Studies and Research allows for external examiners to use videoconferencing for oral defences in situations where external examiners are not able to be physically present for an oral defence.

The College’s Boardroom (Room E160 Administration Building) is equipped with a videoconferencing system (SONY PCS-1).

There is no cost to use this facility where Internet Protocol (IP) videoconferencing is available. Most major universities in Canada and the United States have suitable IP networks to facilitate this option. Costs of videoconferencing where long distance phone calls are also made are borne by the call originator.

If a graduate student is preparing a presentation to be delivered via the videoconferencing facilities, the student may apply to have an orientation session ahead of time in order to be comfortable with the technologies involved.

For more information on videoconference equipment availability, please call 306-966-5759.