Instructions for Registration

1) Contact your Department (click here for contact information) to:
  • Find out what courses you should be registering in.
  • Some courses require permission to register. Read the information on courses in PAWS carefully. If the course needs departmental permission, you must contact your department so they can give you permission to register in the course. 
2) The College of Graduate Studies and Research (CGSR) must receive any admission documents required in your Letter of Offer before you will be allowed to register in your classes.
  • International students - bring your official documents (graduation certificates, transcripts, etc.) to the CGSR office, Room 180 College Building.
  • Canadian students - CGSR must have received your official documents directly from the Canadian institution.
3) You will need a valid NSID (Network Services Identification) and password in order to log into PAWS and register.
  • If you do not have an NSID and are newly admitted into a graduate program and have notified CGSR that you are attending, you can obtain your NSID by taking your admission letter to the ITS Help Desk (ARTS Room 70). You can also obtain your NSID over the telephone by contacting the ITS Help Desk at 966-4817 or Student Central at 966-1212.
  • If you have an NSID and password but it is not working, contact CGSR and we will check if your application is active on the new system.

4) Where to Register:

  • You will need to log in to PAWS at:
  • Select the Academics Tab
  • Select Student Services in the Academic Services channel
  • Select Registration

Complete instructions on registration are available at: You will not receive a printed copy of your class registrations. Please confirm your registration through PAWS.

5) Thesis students must register in 990, and in 994 or 996. 

  • 990 seminar course (according to program requirements) and
  • You must be registered in every term for either 994, if you are in a Masters thesis program, OR, 996, if you are in a Ph.D. program. 

Project and course-based students taking at least 6 credit units of course work in a term and all thesis students will be considered full-time. There is no part-time option available for thesis students.

6) Fee assessments.  Your fees will be assessed automatically.