Graduate Programs

Aboriginal Agriculture & Land Management (P.G.D.) (P.G.D.)

Accounting (M.P.Acc.)

Agricultural Economics (P.G.D.) (M.Agr.) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Anatomy & Cell Biology (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Animal & Poultry Science (M.Agr.) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Anthropology (M.A.)

Applied Microbiology (M.Agr.) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Archaeology (M.A.)

Biochemistry (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Biological Engineering (M.Sc.) (M.Eng.) (Ph.D.) (P.G.D.)

Biological Psychiatry (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Biology (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Biomedical Engineering (P.G.D.) (M.Eng.) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Biostatistics (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Chemical Engineering (P.G.D.) (M.Eng.) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Chemistry (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Civil & Geological Engineering (P.G.D.) (M.Eng.) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Community and Population Health Sciences (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Computer Science (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Curriculum Studies (M.Ed.)

Economics (P.G.D.) (M.A.)

Education Technology and Design (M.Ed. (Project-based)) (M.Ed. (Course-based))

Educational Administration (P.G.D.) (M.Ed.) (Ph.D.)

Educational Foundations (M.Ed.)

Educational Psychology & Special Education (M.Ed., School & Counselling Psychology) (M.Ed., (Special Education OR Measurement and Evaluation))

Electrical & Computer Engineering (P.G.D.) (M.Eng.) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

English (M.A.) (Ph.D.)

Environment & Sustainability (M.E.S.) (M.S.E.M) (Ph.D.)

Environmental Engineering

Epidemiology (Ph.D.)

Finance (M.Sc.)

Fine Art (M.F.A.)

Food Science (M.Agr.) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

French (P.G.D.) (M.A.)

Geography (M.A.) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Geological Sciences (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Health Sciences (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

History (M.A.) (Ph.D.)

Interdisciplinary Studies (M.A. ) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

International Trade (M.I.T.)

Kinesiology (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Large Animal Clinical Sciences (M.Sc.) (M.Vet.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Law (LL.M.)

Linguistics (M.A.)

Marketing (M.Sc.)

Mathematics (M.Math. - Course-based) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Mechanical Engineering (P.G.D.) (M.Eng.) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Microbiology & Immunology (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Music (M.Mus. – Composition or Music Theory) (M.Mus. - Performance) (M.A. – Musicology)

Native Studies (M.A.)

Northern Governance & Development (M.N.G.D.)

Nursing (M.N.) (NP) (Ph.D.)

Nutrition (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Pharmacology (M.Sc. ) (Ph.D.)

Pharmacy (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Philosophy (M.A.)

Physical Therapy (M.P.T.)

Physics & Engineering Physics (M.Sc. ) (Ph.D. - Direct Entry) (Ph.D. - Non-Direct Entry)

Physiology (M.Sc.) (Ph.D. - Direct Entry) (Ph.D. - Non-Direct Entry)

Plant Sciences (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Political Studies (M.A.)

Psychology (M.A.) (Ph.D.)

Public Administration (M.P.A.)

Public Health (M.P.H.)

Public Policy (M.P.P.) (Ph.D.)

Religion & Culture (M.A.)

Small Animal Clinical Sciences (M.Vet.Sc.) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Sociology (M.A.) (Ph.D.)

Soil Science (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Sustainable Environmental Managment (M.SEM.)

Toxicology (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Vaccinology & Immunotherapeutics (M.A.) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Veterinary Biomedical Sciences (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Veterinary Microbiology (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Veterinary Pathology (M.Vet.Sc.) (M.Sc.) (Ph.D.)

Writing (M.F.A.)

Women’s, Gender, and Sexualities Studies (M.A.)

Certificate in Corrections (PGDSC)