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CGSR People

Mailing Address and General Inquiries

College of Graduate Studies & Research  
Room C180 Administration Building
105 Administration Place
Saskatoon SK CANADA S7N 5A2

Telephone (306)966-5751
Fax: (306)966-5756
General E-mail: 

Ms. Cindy Wruck 
General Office Inquiries
Tel. (306)966-5752

Dean's Office

Dr. Adam Baxter-Jones
Tel. (306) 966-5759

Eleonore Daniel-Vaugeois
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Tel. (306) 966-5759 / FAX: (306) 975-1026

Dr. Trever Crowe 
Associate Dean
Tel. (306) 966-2229

Kelly Clement
Programs Assistant 
Tel. (306) 966-2229

Special Projects / International / Recruitment

Penny Skilnik
Director of Special Projects & Executive Assistant to the Dean
Tel. (306) 966-2022

Ana Maldonado
International Graduate Recruitment and Liaison Officer
Tel. (306) 966-2774

Awards & Scholarships

Heather Lukey
Director of Graduate Awards and Scholarships
Tel. (306) 966-8697

Peggy Naughton
Awards Officer
Tel. (306) 966-5760

Brenda Rebeyka
Awards Assistant
Tel. (306) 966-5760

Programs / Operations

Jennifer Drennan
Director of Programs and Operations - ON LEAVE

Jordan Heise
Programs Advisor
Tel. (306) 966-2504

Alison Kraft
Programs Advisor
Tel. (306) 966-2364

Darla Mitchell
Programs Advisor
Tel. (306) 966-1987

Susan Prpich
Programs Advisor
Tel. (306) 966-5761

Jen Baier
Graduate Programs Liaison
Tel. (306) 966-1574

Postdoctoral Fellows

Chelsea Smith
Coordinator, Postdoctoral Fellows
Tel. (306) 966-5548

Interdisciplinary Studies

James Dobson
Office Assistant, Interdisciplinary Studies
Tel. (306) 966-2171