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Richard K. Bowles


Theoretical Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

University of Saskatchewan


New Preprint: The effect of soft repulsive interactions on the diffusion of particles in qausi-one-dimensional channels: A hopping time approach arXiv:1904.09304 (2019).

New Published Article: Modeling the influence of effective oil volume fraction and droplet repulsive interaction on nanoemulsion gelation J. Food Eng. 249 25-33 (2019).     

Sept 2020 Ph.D and MSc positions available: See Jobs page. (Download Departmental Profile)  

Soft condensed matter encompasses a wide variety of materials including liquids, glasses, colloids, gels and even nanoparticles. We use a combination of classical thermodynamics, statistical mechanics and computer simulation to understand how interactions at a molecular level give rise to the complex collective properties of these materials.

At present, we are particularly interested in understanding the properties of nanoscale systems and are investigating nucleation properties in nanoparticles and the dynamics of highly confined liquids. Some of our the current projects include:

  • Heterogeneous nucleation and deliquescence of soluble nanoparticles

  • Amorphous nanoparticles

  • Jamming phenomena and the glass transition

  • The statistical mechanics of liquids systems

  • The statistical mechanics of nanoscale systems

More details about these topics can be found on our research page. If you are interested in joining my group, see the jobs page for details or feel free to contact me by email.