Have You Ever

• questioned a patient’s fitness to drive?
• wondered how decisions are made by the SGI Medical Review Unit?
• considered your responsibility as a practitioner to report to SGI?
• thought about what adaptive driving equipment options are available?

Learn the medical-legal requirements to effectively evaluate and report medically at-risk drivers

Course Components

Is Your Patient Fit to Drive? Medical/Legal Implications


1. Introductory Session

On-site introductory sessions last approximately two hours.

2. Online Modules:

The Fitness to Drive course is a comprehensive course that lasts approximately six hours, and offers detailed information in four main areas:

Module 1: Cognitive Impairment
Module 2: General Medical Conditions
Module 3: Physical Impairment
Module 4: Alcohol, Drugs, Psychiatry, Miscellaneous
Each area provides several cases that highlight how one should proceed and even queries you on what you should do. The course also provides a segment on Screening Tools, Miscellaneous Resources and a Glossary. Finally there is a short quiz at the end of each module to test your knowledge. As well, you can receive up to 7 course credits for completing the course.

3. Wrap-Up Session:

Wrap-up sessions take approximately two hours.

Course Participants:
Physicians and Allied Health Professionals


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