OVPIE Newsletter December 2019

1 INDIGENOUS.USASK.CA D E C EMB E R 2019 âcimowin 2019: INTERNATIONAL YEAROF INDIGENOUS LANGUAGES Did you know that USask offers the following courses in Indigenous Languages? Certificate in Indigenous Languages Study of Indigenous Storytelling Conversational Cree Language Program Graduate Certificate and Master’s Degree in Indigenous Language Revitalization plains cree (ach mo/win) storytelling achimoowin – michif ocimani – lakota tipa chum owin – saulteaux (telling stories) dene he/honi – denesuline ​huηkakaη – dakota USask’s Dana Carriere with Kiley Vass Photo: Jerrod Dietrich The United Nations declared 2019 the year of Indigenous Languages in order to encourage urgent action, to highlight the critical need to revitalize, preserve, and promote Indigenous languages and share good practices through expert/interactive panels and presentation of innovative initiatives on Indigenous languages. Currently 40 percent of the world’s estimated 6,700 languages are in danger of disappearing – the majority belonging to Indigenous peoples. In fact there are at least 2,680 Indigenous languages in danger of disappearance world-wide. Visit: un.org The year of observance focused on five key areas: 1. Increasing understanding, reconciliation and international cooperation. 2. Creating favorable conditions for knowledge-sharing and dissemination of good practices. 3. Integrating Indigenous languages into a standard setting. 4. Empowering through capacity building. 5. Elaborating new knowledge to foster growth and development.