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VIa. Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

(42 out of 60 questionnaires returned)

1. Accessibility (Questions 11-15) Some patients expressed difficulty in

reaching Dr. ABC by phone.

2. Communication (Questions 1-4) Dr. ABC communicates well with her


3. Care (Questions 5-10) Her patients express appreciation for her care. Two of

the written responses observed she appears rushed during the visits.

4. Staff (Questions 16-17) Patients regard the staff as friendly.

5. Preventive Care (Page 3 of Pt. Quest.) These results confirm Dr. ABC gives

attention to preventive care.

VIb. Referred Specialist Questionnaire

(13 out of 20 questionnaires returned)

Consultants give Dr. ABC good marks for her referrals and patient care.

VII. Walk-In Clinic √ Meets


Significant Improvements




At registration the patient’s family physician is recorded

on the chart. Those not having a family physician

are encouraged to obtain one. This clinic has three

physicians, including Dr. ABC, who are accepting

new patients. The clinic does not routinely forward

copies of the visit notes to the family doctor, but they

are provided with copies of significant investigations

generated. Some consultations are arranged by the

walk-in clinic although in some cases the patient is

requested to arrange the referral through the family

doctor. Urgent referrals are made by the walk-in doctor.

The clinic accepts responsibility for follow-up of all

abnormal tests.

After hours coverage for the walk-in patients is handled

by the clinic doctor on call.


The clinic does not

routinely forward copies

of the visit notes to the

family doctor.

Some non-urgent

consultations are

arranged by the walk-in

clinic doctor.


Unless specifically requested by the patients not to

do so, physicians in walk-in clinics should establish

mechanisms whereby the patients’ family physicians

are promptly provided with copies of the assessment

and treatment of patients.

Recommend patients who require non-urgent referrals

to specialists be directed to their own family physicians

accompanied with a written summary of visit findings.

Action Taken By

Physician Assessed: