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VIII. Office visit: Physical Facilities √ Meets


Significant Improvements

And Practice Organization

Standard Required


This clinic facility continues to be an efficiently operated,

modern and clean facility since last assessed in 20??.

The equipment is well cared for. Patient confidentiality

is good. Sharps disposal is good and handled by a

professional waste disposal company. Medication is

safely monitored and stored. Emergency equipment is


Deficiencies noted at the last visit were discussed with

the manager. Some biohazardous material still goes in

the regular garbage without being labelled. This will be

addressed. Some of the examining rooms have the foot

of the table facing the door. Consideration is being given

to purchasing new tables that can be used from either

side in an attempt to resolve this. The doors to the

rooms do open in a manner that shields the foot of the


The refrigerator used for storage of temperature

sensitive material now has a high/low recording


All HIPA provisions are adequately met.


Some biohazardous

material goes into the

regular garbage without

being labeled.

Some examining tables

have the foot of the

table facing the entry



Follow CPSS Guidelines for Infection Control and Waste

Management. Ensure all biohazardous material is

labeled before disposal.

Continue with attempts to ensure privacy in the

examining rooms where the foot of the table faces the

entry door.

Action Taken By

Physician Assessed:


Dr. ABC is a 46-year-old female physician providing high quality of care in a modern

facility in Saskatoon.