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Practice Enhancement Program Final Report (Specialist)

R – 4S

Specialist Name: Dr. B. Good (Psychiatry)


Box Office

Small Town SK S0M OE0


Dr. U.R. Assessor Assessment Date: February 24, 2003

I. Professional Profile:

Dr. Good is a 66-year old psychiatrist who received his medical degree from the

University of St. Tomas, Manilla, Philippines in 1970. He did his psychiatric training

at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon from 1980 to 1985. Dr. Good does not

have his Canadian Certification in psychiatry. After training in the psychiatric

residency he worked in Big City from 1990 to 1998 when he moved to Small Town

and has been practicing psychiatry there ever since.

II. Current Practice Profile:

Dr. Good is a full-time contract psychiatrist in the Small Town Mental Health Centre

with full privileges. He is looking after out-patients and in-patients at the Centre.

He sees approximately 50 patients per week. In the past he has participated in

rural clinics but is no longer involved in this and instead he is doing more day calls

at the Small Town Mental Health Center. Dr. Good participates in the call system

with other psychiatrists in Small Town. He does not bill MCIB for his psychiatric

services because he is paid on a sessional basis. He sees patients who are referred

by general practitioners and mental health professionals (psychologists and nurses).

In the past two years Dr. Good has gone to several national and international

continuing medical education events.

III. Recommendations:

1. To reduce frequency of prescribing or combining Benzodiazapines and to use

lower dosages of these medications, in order to avoid the risk of addiction

and side effects.

2. To avoid prescribing Benzodiazapines to patients with known history of

substance abuse disorder.

3. To consider a more consistent and detailed description of the presenting

features (DSM-IV criteria) of the patients psychiatric condition in the

consultation reports.

4. To consider paying more attention to diagnosing personality traits or

disorders on Axis II on DSM-IV diagnostic system.

5. To add an allergy section to the registration sheet in outpatient files.

6. To consider disposing of unwanted or expired medications through the local