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Dr. Good’s psychotherapeutic and pharmacologic

treatment of depression is consistent with current

standards of care in this area. He is very familiar with

new antidepressants and mood stabilizers. In addition,

he orders necessary lab tests for patients on lithium and

similar medications. There is evidence of appropriate

referral of patients to neurologists to rule out organic

basis for their symptomotology. In the mental status

examination Dr. Good always addresses the issue of

suicide risk.


To reduce frequency of prescribing or combining

Benzodiazapines and to use lower dosages of these

medications, in order to avoid risk of addiction and side


To avoid prescribing Benzodiazapines to patients with

known history of substance abuse disorders.

To consider a more consistent and detailed description

of the presenting features (DSM-IV criteria of the

patients psychiatric condition and their consultation


To consider paying more attention to diagnosing

personality traits or disorders on Axis II of DSM-IV

diagnostic system.

Action Taken By

Physician Assessed: