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Practice Enhancement Program Final Report (Specialist)

R – 4S


Dr. I.C. Kidds (Pediatrics)



Assessment Date:

I. Professional Profile:

Dr. Kidds is a 46 year old female physician practicing as a specialist pediatrician in

XXX. Dr. Kidds graduated from XXX in 1998. She did pediatric/neonatology training

atXXX from 2002-2006. Following that she did a pediatric residency at XXX from

2006-2007; a pediatric/neuro residency at XXX, in 2007 and pediatric dermatology

training at XXX, in 2008. Dr. Kidds has practiced as a pediatrician at XXX from 2009

to 2012. She joined the department of pediatrics at XXX in 2012 and since then

has been working as a consultant pediatrician in that department. Dr. Kidds is a

certified specialist from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

She obtained her fellowship in 2011.

II. Current Practice Profile:

Dr. Kidds is engaged in solo practice. The majority of her patients are referred

by family physicians and other specialists. Dr. Kidds has indicated that she has a

special interest in dermatology. She also has further interest in childhood asthma.

She has identified asthma clinic days in her office and does allergy tests as well.

She is involved in on call coverage and teaching and education activities (holds

a community faculty appointment). She has admitting privileges at XXX. Medical

students and residents attend her office and rounds for teaching purposes. Dr.

Kidds also works as a pediatric hospitalist at the pediatric teaching unit quarterly.

She spends 25 hours per week in direct patient care in the office. Time spend on

clinic management, not related to patient care, is 2 hours; 6 hours on paperwork

and 2 hours on telephone consultations. Dr. Kidds spends around 2 hours every

week on teaching. She mentioned that the time spent on call is around 15 hours.

Total hours of work per week is approximately 40 hours. She sees around 63

patients in a typical workweek. A bulk (90%) of patients in her office are referred

by other physicians. Dr. Kidds is using Optimed EMR. She has hospital privileges in


III. Recommendations:

1. The dose of Salbutamol in the treatment of asthma ranges from 200mcg (2

puffs) to a maximum of 10 puffs repeated every 4 hours until exacerbations

resolve, then to be used as needed. Parents should have clear directions to

see their family physicians / other health care provider if Salbutamol use is

more frequent than 4 hourly (CPS – Asthma position statement – January