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All cases have a follow up plan. A large volume of Dr.

Kidds practice is based on referrals. All referrals were

all very well written. All records maintained continuity.

Problem areas were clearly outlined. All referred cases

were properly identified. Referring physicians were duly

provided with the feedback about their respective cases.


Please refer to position statement of Canadian Pediatric

Society (reaffirmed January 2017) with regard to

Salbutamol dose.

Non-pharmacologic options in the management of

headache seem very simple but they vastly improve the

quality of life.

The generally accepted best ADHD treatment is the

collaborative care model where there is close liaison

between the pediatrician and the school. There is need to

do more in this regard.

Action Taken By

Physician Assessed:

V. Structure and




Some Improvements


Significant Improvements

Organization of Standard Required


Medical Records

Comments:(both drug / non drug) reactions were properly

documented. Anaphylaxis was discussed with families

and advice about Epipen provided. There was good

documentation of telephone contacts / conversations with

regard to follow up, investigations and treatment review.

Dr. Kidds has also mentioned about the health lifestyle

issue in the charts. The advice was broader in most cases

and specific and relevant in some.

All children who were hospitalized had their discharge

summaries available in the charts. There is adequate

documentation of patient management in her absence.

All investigations were properly entered and documented in

the charts. All records were very well typed with a smooth

continuity and flow. Investigations were problem specific

and based on evidence. There was appropriate use of

imaging studies in relevant cases. Referrals to pediatric sub

specialty were case specific. Consults were inclusive and

very well documented.

All prescriptions were well documented. All prescriptions

were based on standard guidelines, doses were clearly

outlined. There was good documentation of active and

inactive prescriptions. All allergies (both drug / non drug)