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October 10, 2012

Dr. «FirstNam» «Lastname»



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Dear Doctor «Lastname»:

RE: Practice Enhancement Program – 2011 Assessment


The Practice Enhancement Program (PEP) was developed as part of all

Saskatchewan physicians’ commitment to continuous improvement of their

practices. This program is designed to provide the physicians of Saskatchewan

with a snapshot of the health of their practices. The purpose of the program is

educational. The selection of physicians for participation in the program is by

random selection. You are one of the physicians randomly selected for assessment

in 2011. Participation in the program is mandatory. This selection is not the result

of any complaint or concern about your practice.

For physicians who practice in group practices, we have agreed to offer the opportunity

for an assessment to one or two other physicians within your group practice at the

same time as your assessment. This offer comes in response to inquiries made by

practices assessed in the recent past. If there are one or two other physicians in your

practice who would be interested in assessment at the same time as yours, please

inform the PEP office promptly.

The Practice Enhancement Program was created as a joint initiative of the

Saskatchewan Medical Association and the College of Physicians and Surgeons

of Saskatchewan. In January 1997, Sask Health joined in the sponsorship of

the program. The program operates under the Medical Profession Act so that

information gained in a practice assessment is protected against disclosure.

Information about individual doctors is maintained in confidence within the Program

and is not disclosed to the three sponsoring organizations.



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