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4.c Eligible Letter GP



October 10, 2012

Dr. «FirstNam» «Lastname»



«City» «Province» «Postal»

Dear Doctor «Lastname»:

RE: Practice Enhancement Program – Eligibility for Assessment

Thank you for completing and returning the Physician Pre-visit Questionnaire (Q-2)

to the PEP office. This will confirm that you are eligible for a practice assessment.

Following is a list of attachments and instructions for the assessment process:


The assessment process includes distribution of several questionnaires by PEP in

order to provide feedback to you and the assessment committee.

a. Patient Questionnaire (Q-1):

(Sample enclosed for your information)

The enclosed Patient Questionnaire will be distributed by the PEP office to sixty

(60) of your patients. An opportunity has been provided under Question 8, Page

4 of this questionnaire for you to ask one or two additional questions if you wish.

Please add your questions and return a copy of the Patient Questionnaire to the

PEP office.

b. Referred Specialist Questionnaire (Q-5)

(Sample enclosed for your


The purpose of the enclosed Referred Specialist Questionnaire is to survey the

quality of referrals sent by family physicians to specialists. A list of specialist

physicians that you have referred patients to recently will be provided to PEP from

the Medical Services Branch of Saskatchewan Health (no financial information

is received or reviewed by PEP). Twenty specialist names will then be randomly

chosen for distribution of this questionnaire.


Patient List (Q-1a):

(Please complete & return within three weeks)

Please complete the enclosed list with the names and addresses of sixty (60)

randomly selected patients and return the list to our office


Cover Letters (2) to Patients and Referred Specialists:

(Please sign &

return within three weeks)

Please sign and return a copy of each of the two covering letters. They will be

distributed by PEP with the 60 Patient Questionnaires and 20 Referred Specialist

Questionnaires. You will receive a report generated from responses to each of

those questionnaires.