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Dear Doctor:

Re: Practice Enhancement Program for Dr.

As part of my commitment to Continuing Medical Education and self-improvement, I

am participating in the

Practice Enhancement Program

by and for Saskatchewan

Physicians. Part of this program involves a survey of patient referrals that I

make to specialists. I am writing to ask if you would participate by completing a

physician questionnaire.

This questionnaire will provide the Practice Enhancement Program with your

perceptions of the quality of referrals you receive from my office. You are asked to

respond to questions on the referral process, accessibility and patient satisfaction.

Please complete the enclosed questionnaire and return it as soon as possible in

the envelope provided. You do not need to include your name and address. Your

response will therefore remain confidential. The completed questionnaires will

remain at the Practice Enhancement Program office for data processing.

I will not

see the completed questionnaire.

I will receive feedback about my practice

and ways in which I may enhance it. If you have additional comments there is

space provided at the end of the questionnaire. If you have any questions or need

additional information about the program please feel free to call the PEP office and

arrange to speak to the Co-Chairs of the program committee,

Dr. Brian Laursen,

Dr. George Carson

or the Coordinator,

Ms. Joanne Peat


I would like to thank you for your assistance in completing and returning this


Yours truly,




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